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The story of the Carpet Factory Agnella goes back to the middle of the 70s, when a decision was taken on creating a new production plant in Białystok - then one of the important centres of the national textile industry. The construction of the factory began in 1976 and lasted for four years. An intensive development of production started with the beginning of the 80s.

The year 1991 ends the period of Agnella's functioning as a state-owned enterprise. Good financial results persuaded the management of the time to undertake actions leading to privatization, which was finalised on 18 February 1991. Thus, we became one of the first privatized companies in Poland. Since 1993 we have been functioning as a joint stock company with Polish private capital.

On July 2015 Brintons Carpets Limited became a majority shareholder of FD Agnella S.A. Brintons Carpets Limited is a British brand with a recognised position in European, American, Australian and Asian markets, backed by The Carlyle Group - one of the world’s largest private equity houses. As a result of the transaction Agnella becomes part of a global-reach organisation with a strong and long-lasting perspective for growth.

Several years of dynamic development of our company made it the largest national producer of rugs and carpets with one of the most modern factories in Europe. We owe our good position to the latest production technologies and complete reorganisation of the enterprise. We have the most modern technology stock in Middle Eastern Europe. Solutions used by our company in the production process, unattainable for other Polish producers, let us compete with world leaders of the industry.

We produce about 2 million m2 of carpets in several hundred patterns a year, which constitutes over 65% of the whole national production in this industry and ensures our position of an unchallenged leader on the Polish market.

Agnella is also unrivalled as regards export. As a Polish producer of rugs and carpets, we conquer many foreign markets. We export over a half of our production, mainly to Great Britain, the USA, the countries of the European Union and Eastern Europe.