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We are the biggest and the most modern producer of rugs and carpets in Poland. We produce about 2 million m2 of carpet products a year, which constitutes over 65% of the whole national production
We owe the leading position on the Polish market to the varied offer of designs, high quality of raw materials and significant technological investments. Currently, we can proudly say that we have the biggest technological stock in Central-Eastern Europe. Solutions used by our company enable us to create an assortment that can compete with foreign products.
We offer both carpets made of natural raw material - wool, and carpets made of excellent synthetic fabrics. Quality is our main concern. We care about our customers and that is why all our products meet the highest and the most demanding standards. Thanks to using appropriate yarn and technology they are both durable and comfortable in use.
High quality of our products is confirmed by a number of certificates and quality marks you can find on them.


Our products are characterised not only by the highest quality of used raw material, but also original design. We have a very wide assortment of designs over 400 various patterns. Our designers make sure that both the patterns and colours of the carpets are consistent with the current trends in interior design. Our offer is constantly extended and adjusted to the growing expectations of customers.
The Carpet Factory Agnella S.A., as a Polish producer of rugs and carpets, is present on numerous foreign markets. We export over a half of our production, mainly to Great Britain, the USA, the European Union, Eastern European countries and to the Near East. We provide carpets for facilities all over the world, for example well-known hotel chains, Starwood and Marriott, numerous office buildings and casinos in Las Vegas, among others. Consecutive successes in Poland and abroad motivate us to continue developing our company.