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We have been the national leader in innovation for years. We have the most modern technology stock in Central-Eastern Europe, which enables us to create new patterns quickly and fulfil the needs of the most demanding customers. Our products are made on looms of the new generation, which make it possible to produce short design series and at the same time reduce the time of carrying out orders.

We always aim at improving our production and extending the assortment. One of our achievements is starting, as one of the first companies in Europe, production of carpets from refined yarn (Heat-Set and Heat-Set frise), thanks to which carpets made of synthetic fibres have heightened, thick nap that looks exactly like the nap of woollen carpets.

The Carpet Factory Agnella S.A. produces rugs and carpets in 2 types of technology: Wilton and Axminster.

Wilton 'face to face' - currently the most popular method of producing carpets in the world. Also called double weaving technology. The essence of Wilton "face to face" is simultaneously making two fabrics on one loom, which in effect creates two carpets whose patterns are mirror images of one another. This flexible technology enables to combine different kinds of yarn in one carpet. Wilton gained its popularity by providing wide design possibilities, high production capacity and very good quality of product.

Axminster - the oldest mechanical technology of weaving rugs and carpets from the second half of the 19th century. The name comes from the city where the technology was used for the first time. Axminster technology is intended for woollen products. As opposed to Wilton, only one carpet is created on a loom. Axminster is characterised by using extremely durable raw material. This method enables production of comfortable and outstandingly wear-resistant carpets intended for places with a lot of traffic, such as restaurants, cinemas, theatres, hotel halls and rooms.