Agnella rug among the icons of design - Agnella S.A.


Agnella rug among the icons of design

Created on 20 Jul 2008

The curator of the exhibition, Marek Adamczewski, choosing the hundred exhibits among modern usable objects available on the markets of the Baltic countries, has combined objects that are well-known and recognised by design experts at international contests with objects that have entered the market only recently, but have the potential to quickly become icons. The rug from Agnella's Avant-garde collection has entered this prestigious group.

Shape rug, with nap consisting of 80% wool and 20% polyamide, is made on modern machines using traditional Axminster technology.

Notice: we cannot speak of Axminster as a modern technology. This technology is modernised, for example by using the latest machinery.

'Axminster is a machine technology of producing rugs and carpets known for over 200 years. It was the first technology to imitate knotting by hand'

The structure of interconnected black, white and red circles and diamonds covering the whole surface of the rug is inspired by the fashion of the 60s and 70s. Shape has been designed for modern interiors. It will also look good in the fashionable vintage style, in the company of design icons from before 4 decades, such as figurines from Ćmielów or Stelton dishes presented at the "Icons of Design" exhibition.

The "Icons of Design" exhibition was held in the Museum of the City of Gdynia at Zawiszy Czarnego 1 and lasted until 31 August 2008.