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Agnella at the "Design - the Man and the Project" exhibition

Created on 09 Aug 2008

Bambu carpet from Natural collection is among the exhibits presented at the "Design - the Man and the Project" exhibition held between 27 April and 18 May in Fabryka Trzciny, Avia building, at Siedlecka 47.

"Design - the Man and the Project" is an exhibition dedicated to Polish design as part of a series of events connected with The Polish Festival of Advertisement KTR 2009. As the name indicates, the idea of the exhibition is not only presenting the most interesting Polish designs but also the profiles of their authors. The aim of the exhibition is to show trends present in Polish design and promote Polish designers.

Bambu is one of the carpets from the ecological Natural collection. Made entirely of natural, undyed wool, the collection is an answer to the growing popularity of natural raw materials in interior design. The proposal is consistent with current trends in design that expose the fabric and its texture. Natural carpets are made of carefully selected yarns corresponding with natural colours of fleece - the colour palette includes only eight natural shades. The subdued colour scheme of Bambu carpet is based on shades of brown and beige. The pattern is inspired by nature and presents a floral motif, that is slender bamboo grass shoots.

The design has been prepared by the design team of the Carpet Factory Agnella, headed by prof. Jolanta Rudzka-Habisiak.