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The splendour of Mddle East

Created on 17 May 2010

Many Polish companies try their hands at attractive Middle East markets. Some of them are very successful. One of the examples is Agnella Rugs & Carpets - Polish leader in area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets production. Angella company has been increasing its contract sales (especially in hotel sector) for many years. Biggest contract in the history of Agnella -  Guest Palace and Symposium Center (Ryjad) - contributed to last year excellent results.

The budget of this Project was about 100 000 000 USD, and more than 2% was invested in luxury woolen carpets made by Agnella.

This undertaking was a great challenge from the technological, organizational and design point of view. Big in size, luxury decorated rooms of irregular shape and complicated carpet designs required a lot of effort from our contract team. All studies took several months. During that time engineers were calculating carpet quantities and preparing installation plans, and designers were selecting the colours and preparing patterns. Hundreds of samples were made, finally over 100 designs and 80 colours were selected. Some of the designs were 30 x 50m in size.

There were 3 luxury carpet qualities selected. For the rooms the carpet with 1530 g/m2 of pile weight was chosen, 2000 g/m2 for suites and 2400 g/m2 for ballrooms. All was made in axminster technology. Modern weaving machines are able to simulate hand-tufted products really good; they make similar carpet much quicker and -  therefore -  cheaper.

Time schedule was really tight, there was a lot of pressure from general constructor side. Our workers experience and modern machinery allowed Agnella to complete this project on time and without any faults. At the end production of 75 000m2 was done in 6 months. Once more Agnella proved it is a 1st league player in carpet business. In foreseeable future we look forward to realizing even bigger projects in Middle East market.

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